Reliable & Affordable Emergency Storm Cleanup in Chattanooga

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Flood and storm damage can cause tremendous devastation. Immediate action is necessary, and it is essential to find a company that has extensive experience dealing with storm damage. PCR Tree Service has the necessary resources and expertise to handle disasters of any size and immediately respond to flooding and storm conditions.

We Can Help, No Matter the Storm Damage You Have

Storms strike with little warning and potentially and can be quite devastating. That is why you need to have a company that you can rely on to rise to the occasion. No matter what type of storm that has struck, PCR Tree Services is able to handle a disaster of any size. During major events and catastrophic storms, our team will provide additional resources and respond quickly.

Residential Weather Damage Restoration Services

When weather damage is caused by natural disasters, such as winter storms, hurricanes, and floods, it can have devastating effects on your family and home. Quite often, the most damage is caused by water coming into your house through broken windows or damaged rooftops. Once it gets inside, everything can be ruined by water, from appliances, electronics, and furniture to essential keepsakes and documents, which saturates the structural elements of your house and places it at risk for even more substantial danger.

On Your Side And At Your Side

We are fully committed to helping you get your life back to normal following severe weather damage. Our customer care approach is centered around open dialog. We will inform you at each stage in the process, to make sure you are always aware of the progress our team s making and to offer you helpful guidance in this time of need. We will be there for you whenever you need us.

We Are Neighbors Helping Our Neighbors

We are a Chattanooga company that has local specialists in your area. In addition to being highly qualified and experienced restoration professionals. We are also your neighbors who are dedicated to assisting you and your entire family.

We will move quickly in order to minimize the impact of the damage.

We care about your most immediate needs of shelter, clothing, and food.

We will develop a custom plan to return your house to its complete pre-loss condition.

Rest assured. We will be at your side each step along the way following any serious weather disaster to make sure your belongings and house are restored as safely and quickly as possible.

Severe Weather Clean-Up Services

Has serious weather hit you hard? Strike back by calling in the professionals. After your home has been impacted by severe weather, rely on the PCR Tree Service storm cleanup experts for guidance and help as they return your property to normal, safely and quickly. Severe weather events like tornadoes, hail storms, flooding, and thunderstorms, are the most common causes of weather-related property damage. Although more concentrated during the spring and early summer when the warm temperatures are in force, severe weather events happen all year long. From major structural impact to water intrusion to roof damage, various kinds of severe weather can threaten your house in several different ways.

Kinds Of Severe Weather To Know About


A severe thunderstorm can potentially generate wind gusts of over 57.5 mph. These kinds of high winds can knock down trees, break windows, damage shingles, and leave your house susceptible to water damage. PCR Tree Services carefully monitors all severe weather events and thunderstorms that occur throughout the nation. Day or night, we will respond quickly to make sure we get the job done right and will remain at your side until you are fully satisfied with the results of our work.

Hail storms

Immense damage can be caused by hail storms to your home’s structure. They can range from vulnerabilities being created in the protection of siding or shingles to holes in your walls, windows, or roof. We respond quickly to hail damage claims and can provide temporary board-up and tarping solutions. All of our locations can treat water damage, and some of them offer roof replacement and roof inspection solutions.


The PCR Tree Service experts have responded to some of the Chattanooga area’s worst tornado disasters. We leverage this real-world experience of ours to assess the situation quickly, determine the extent of your damage, and do whatever needs to be done to return to your house to its pre-loss condition.

Severe weather can be quite scary, and your home can suffer severe damage. Whenever your home is impacted by a harsh weather event, we have a comprehensive range of various water damage services to cover you. Rely on the experts to provide professional support, trusted guidance, and reassurance – starting with the initial crisis all the way to complete recovery. We will repair your home safely and quickly, so you are able to resume your normal life following a storm as soon as possible.