Do you have trees around your home or yard that need to be trimmed or removed? Improve the look of your property today with the help of PCR Tree Service. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the trees have become out-of-hand and dangerous. At PCR Tree Service we offer a variety of tree services. Contact your local Tree Service Chattanooga specialist, today!

PCR Tree Services

Tree Removal

A dead tree can be dangerous and pose a serious threat to the safety of your family, home or business. The best way to get rid of a dead tree is by removing it. Tree removal can be as simple as cutting the tree and allowing it to fall down safely, or it can be as difficult as cutting the tree into sections and dropping each piece. PCR Tree Service will provide a consultation so that you can be clear on which option will work best.

Stump Grinding

This popular method to remove stumps involves grinding the remaining stump and roots below the ground level so that the ground can be restored to a level area.


In order to maintain the health of a tree it is essential that the tree is inspected and pruned periodically. If a tree is left to grow wild for an extended period of time the limbs will become weak. Depending upon the size of the limbs, they can be hazardous to your home or business.

Land Clearing

At PCR Tree Service, we can handle all your land clearing needs such as clearing lots for new homes, clearing acreage for agricultural projects and more. We take great pride in being environmentally friendly.

*We also provide Chipping and Firewood Sales!