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Trees can be such majestic objects that make your landscape beautiful and significantly increase your property’s value. However, they also can be huge liabilities that can threaten lives, personal property, and the growth of surrounding trees and plants by obstructing the path of the sun. When you keep your trees healthy and strong it can mean the difference between the value of your property by thousands of dollars and your car being smashed by a branch that was hanging there for way too long.

Tree trimming, or tree pruning, is the most common and one of the numerous ways to keep your trees maintained. Tree pruning refers to removing branches in order to improve the tree’s form, to remove diseased and dead branches, and removing branches that are posing a threat to personal property and lives. Trees also can be pruned to increased air and light penetration to the tree or the surrounding trees, flowers, and plants.

When Your Trees Should Be Pruned

The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to planting trees. It recommends that trees should be pruned or trimmed once a year during the dormant season. In some situations, immediate pruning might be necessary.

Here at PCR Tree Service, we recommend tree trimming whenever the growth of the tree is hindering visibility for drivers and pedestrians, particularly at busy intersections. Whenever branches are close to power lines also should be trimmed in order to prevent fires and power outages. Those tasks should be performed by professionals and the utility company should be informed. An immediate pruning might be needed if you think the growth of a tree might cause damage to personal property, pedestrians, or your house.

Tree Pruning for Ocoee, TN

What Benefits are Provided by Tree Trimming?

There are many reasons why tree pruning is so important. Tree trimming in the Ocoee, TN area can be very challenging in areas that are congested, but it is worthwhile to put in the effort. The following are some of the major benefits provided by tree trimming:

Safety: Tree branches may pose legitimate and serious threats to personal property and pedestrians. Dying or dead branches are highly inflammable; if lightning strikes a tree can be set on fire. Your home insurance company might require those dangerous branches to be removed.

Tree Health: Pruning trees helps to keep them healthy by getting rid of diseased, dying, or dead branches. Removing those branches can help to prevent decay from spreading any further. Trees also can benefit from increased air penetration and sun exposure after they have been trimmed.

Aesthetics: Trimming and pruning tree branches is both an art and science. Pruning trees helps with shaping young trees to help them grow and become sturdy and strong. You can also have them pruned into interesting shapes to decorate your landscape or lawn.

Find The Best Local Tree Pruning Service Provider

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